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The Sculpture Farm

The Studio and Workshop of Wayne Vaughn

Builder. Musician. Sculptor.

As an apprentice to a master carpenter, Wayne Vaughn continued on to enjoy a successful building career that spanned four decades. Music also plays an important part in his life as a founding member of the over 30 year old Triangle Brass Band. Rooted in this combination of physical skill and know-how, dedication, and creative pursuit, in 2004 his career as sculptor was fostered. Very quickly his bold, geometric, large-scale works began winning awards and the attention of regional and national shows.

Wayne is especially grateful for the early support and encouragement provided by the inspiration of the late Ruffin Hobbs, initial welding classes with Kevin Eichner, and his friendship with sculptor Mike Roig.

Photo credit Roger Haile

'I love bringing life and animation to cold, hard metal.'

-Wayne Vaughn

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